Sewa Kendra - Mission & Vision
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Mission & Vision
customer satisfaction is our motto.
1) To provide the best services to customers / clients so as so give maximum value to their money.
We will provide services to our customers more accurately, quickly & courteously. We will conduct all our business affairs ethically, and with the best employees in the N.G.. We will continue to grow profitably and responsibly, and provide career advancement opportunities for every willing member of our organization. The Sewakendragroup is offering an array of services (ranging from trades to education & consultancy ) and our goal is to provide the highest level of services at the most competitive prices. We are the values-driven group and our core values include: Excellent customer service, Full Value to customer´s money, Entrepreneurial spirit, Building strong relationships, taking care of our people.

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Connecting people of North Gujarat to the latest technology , to uplift their life standards, through our services.

To become the constantly expanding group in terms of services / products we offer and customers we serves.

To become the most successful and respectable organization in the region (N.G.,Guj, ind)??

Up liftment in the life of people of N.G. through our all services,.

Connecting people of N.G. to the latest technology through our services

We will be a leader in the services we provides by focusing on customers, our people, growth, innovation in service delivery methods and efficiency.

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