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Question 1: -

Answer 1 : -

In such case please contact our firm engaged in consultancy business. You may contact us through feedback form on the site.  


Question 2: -

Answer 2 : -

Yes, we provide project training to college going students particularly to students from IT, Computer and engineering stream.  


Question 3: -

Answer 3 : -

Every one can learn computer at our institute. We have courses for all – students, housewives, businessmen, professionals, retired employee, job seekers, and all.  


Question 4: -

Answer 4 : -

No, not actually. But we suggest that candidate having age more than 11 years should be enrolled for the computer course in Chanakya Infotech /Dhram Infosys.  We are pleased to inform you that some of our students are of age  58+ and learns computer well.  


Question 5: -

Answer 5 : -

No, not at all. Products available in the Ahmedabad or any other branch of e-mall are bound to same for quality.  


Question 6: -

Answer 6 : -

Yes, through e-mall’s portal you can do it.  


Question 7: -

Answer 7 : -

Yes, It do.


Question 8: -

Answer 8 : -

No, this facility is not available now. We may add it in the future. Meanwhile you may contact us with your requirements and we will be pleased to guide you in the purchasing the mobile.  


Question 9: -

Answer 9 : -

The group marked its beginning with the STD/PCO business in the year 1988. During those days it was charging too less to the customers, the it was hard to get break even point. But the purpose of starting the STD/PCO was not profit. It was started to provide Mehsana’s public  a place from where they can communicate with their dear ones who are far away from them.  


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